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Influencer Agency Estate Five is Using Online Figures to Change Fashion

Infamous Instagram account Diet Prada has signed with influencer agency Estate Five. Estate Five came from the mind of Tina Craig — the founder of influential blog Bag Snob — along with fashion publicist Suzanne Droese and co-founder of Tomboy KC, Lynsey Eaton. The agency was formed with the goal of using industry experience to create and foster development in burgeoning social media fashion influencers. The hope is that this firm will be a jumping off platform for future online talent and will change the way the fashion industry views the role of the online influencer.

The influencer agency Estate Five has already signed 14 clients, including the no-mercy Instagram account Diet Prada. Diet Prada has already made a name for itself by calling out perceived injustices in the fashion industry. Diet Prada was one of the first accounts Estate Five decided to reach out to, as its unique content and point of view was something the influencer firm knew was something very important.

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